Casagrande Elettrocostruzioni is a family company fully private and independent operating in the electromechanical field since 1959.

Our mission is the "customer oriented" and the flexible approach to follow the particular client requirements offering an high quality final product and a complete consulting and engineering service, providing an high level of technical supports.

The Headquarter is situated in Castel D'Azzano (Verona) Italy, where are located:

  • - Commercial Direction
  • - Engineering Department
  • - Mechanical & electrical production of switchboards
  • - Mechanical & electrical production of cubicles & panels
  • - Projects coordination
  • - Managing of site activities

A production branch is situated in Molise, and it offers a strategic core node to manage all site activities in Centre & South Italy.

During the last 15 years, the company has improves sales abroad adapting the products to the foreign standards. Through the current organization, Casagrande is now able to offer site-activities and services all over the world.


Engineering and development

To meet market requirements with suitable and innovative solutions, Casagrande Elettrocostruzioni allocates considerable resources to design and development. A staff of committed project engineers with consolidated experience in control panels and installations, together with the ability to adjust rapidly to changes in regulations and high quality control, enable the development of products and installations of the highest technical and safety levels. The Company today is strongly customer oriented and capable of offering a highly qualified and complete consulting and planning service, together with the necessary technical support for any implementation.

Mechanical production

A full production line and highly qualified personnel, enable Casagrande Elettrocostruzioni to realize and supply metal frameworks and cubicles for electrical panels and electromechanical equipment.
The production process is based on the use of machinery with numerical controls.
The high level of accuracy in production is achieved by applying control procedures in all production stages. The end product is of the highest quality and extremely reliable thanks to a careful selection of raw materials, technical know-how, production accuracy and flexibility.

Electrical production

The production line  in the assembly and electrical wiring department is organized according  to order areas: each operator works with all the documentation necessary for completion of all production stages. Programmed controls and monitoring during manufacturing both in the workshop and on site, guarantee the end quality of the product. The company's high quality level can be seen not only in the workmanlike manufacture  of electrical panels and equipment, but also in many activities, processes and phases designed so as to optimize, organize and control at best the manufacturing process.


Forty-years experience with ENEL (Italian National Grid Company), for which the company achieved many products qualifications and certificates.

Private Italian and foreign customers for internal and foreign markets.

Casagrande Elettrocostruzioni has been audited and qualified by the main multinational companies working in the electricity field. Certifications and

qualification are available for the following products / activities:

  • - MV switchboards
  • - LV switchboards
  • - Motor Control Center switchboards
  • - AC/DC LV Switchboards for auxiliary services
  • - Operating and Control system for HV primary system electrical Substations
  • - Electrical and electromechanical installation up to 380KV in HV Stations
  • - Hydroelectric and Geothermal power plant automation and regulation systems

Casagrande Electtrocostruzioni has achieved SOA certification in compliance to Italian Decree 34/2000 concerning Italian Public Jobs, for the following works categories:

  • - Electrical Power Plant Construction
  • - HV/MV Substations
  • - Electrical Equipment for Power Plant
  • The certification allow to work for main public Italian authorities


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